Bill Byron wines

Mudgee, NSW

Lots 101, 102 & 105
–32.40207˚, 149.51777˚

The Wine

Our triple blend organic wines are traditional Australian red blends combining the spicy plum berry of Shiraz with the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and the velvety softness of Merlot.

There are hints of oak maturation, to soften the strong natural tannins and give subliminal notes of vanilla and spice. Lacking in pretention, it provides great flavour and a great drinking experience.

The most critical part of the process is getting the harvest date right, the grapes are tasted constantly in the lead up to harvest.
Harvest always tests the relationship between the farmer and the winemaker; the farmer wanting to harvest his crop out of harms way, and the winemaker pushing the grapes to their absolute limits to produce the best wine possible.